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 Eastern PA Masonry Supplies

When it comes time for you to seek out the building materials and eastern PA masonry supplies for your next construction project, C. Strunk, Inc is your one-stop provider. You’ll have access to the best products from a company with over 80 years of experience in the business.

 Mason Sand

When you need the cleanest, medium to fine sand for your construction needs, Jersey bar sand is your best choice. This naturally-occurring deposit only found on the eastern United States coastal plain, Jersey bar sand is perfect for use in concrete, under pools, volleyball courts and under pavers.


In short, C. Strunk, Inc. has the eastern PA masonry supplies, like stone that you need. You can find your stone needs too at C. Strunk, Inc. You can choose among the various sizes such as screenings 1/2," 2A, and 2B.


Cement is the basic building material for most projects and among the many supplies offered at C. Strunk, Inc. You’ll get the best cement and mortar you need and able to choose from a wide selection. Including: Lehigh Type I Portland, Western Hydrated Lime, Type S Mortar, Fire Clay, Delta Crete and Heat Stop II Refractory Cement.


Concrete blocks are our hallmark and you'll be getting over 80 years of block manufacturing experience from an expert eastern PA masonry supplies company guaranteed to make sure your project shines. You get blocks in a variety of sizes from manufacturer's standard units with nominal face dimensions of 16" long, 8" high (15 5/8 x 7 5/8" actual) to standard size block in dimensions of 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10" - 12," 14" and 16."


Lintels are among one of the oldest building techniques, going all the way back to Stonehenge thousands of years ago. With C. Strunk, Inc. providing your masonry supplies, you know you're getting the finest in lintel materials in 4x8 units and 6x8 units in sizes from 2' to 12'.

 Masonry Supplies

When you need eastern PA masonry supplies, you simply won’t find better products than those from C. Strunk, Inc. Call us when you need galvanized anchor bolts, vinyl & aluminum basement windows, durowall rebar, winter add mix, Deco Sealers, brick vents, block vents, steel angles and more. If you don't see it listed here, just ask.

 Fireplace and Oven Supplies

Among the other supplies, you also get one of the best distributors of Rumford Fireplaces and Bread Ovens in the area. Just a few of the products include, chimney block 16x16 & 16x20, chimney aprons (precast), steel chimney caps, superior clay decorate, chimney caps, standard terra cotta flue, firebrick, dampers cleanout and ash dumps - more information


Standard or Antiqued Texture Finishes - C. Strunk, Inc. has a large selection of CST pavers for you to choose - more information

 Retaining Walls

Standard or Weathered Finish - C. Strunk, Inc. has a variety of CST retaining wall products to enhance your project - more information

 Reading Anthracite Coal

Bagged coal now available at C. Strunk, Inc. - more information

 Bulk Road Salt

Bagged coal now available at C. Strunk, Inc. - more information

If you need eastern PA masonry supplies and products look no further than C. Strunk, Inc. Simply
contact us today and let us know what you require for your next project and we’ll be happy to help.